D.I.Y 4th of July Centerpieces

finished centerpiece

Fourth of July is right around the corner. I wanted to continue with a budget friendly 4th of July and share with you how you can achieve fun and festive centerpieces without breaking the bank. I did two designs. One which requires a silhouette cameo and other which does not. I hope you enjoy!


Items needed for USA CENTERPIECE:

red tissue paper

ONE patriotic boxes (Joann’s had them for  $1 with 60% off each)

1 patriotic star straws


1 Patriotic Fun Pix for cupcakes

Foam USA sign (Dollar Tree)


Hot Glue Gun

Step One

Copy of measure the box

Place your favor box top of your sheet of Styrofoam. Outline the box so that you have accurate shape and cut the square out.

Step Two:

Copy of straw in styrofoam

Take your straw and gently poke a hole in the middle of the Styrofoam.

Tip: The straw should be able to hold itself in place when you let go. 

Step Three:

Copy of sytrofoam in teh box

Take the straw out and place your Styrofoam square in your favor box.

Step Four:


Take your foam sign and cut majority of your stick off. Be sure to leave about 2 inches from the top like picture below.

usa cut off

Step Five:

USA with ribbon and straw

Take a straw and put the sign tip into the straw. (It should slide in a little snug.), than tie the ribbon and make a pretty bow.

Step Six:

Copy of add cupcake topper

Take the Patriotic Cupcake Topper and gently slide it into the foam piece at the top.

TIP: Be sure to make sure it’s aligned and in the middle of the sign.


Step Seven:

cut tissue paper in half

Take your sheet of tissue paper and cut it in half (save the other half for the other centerpiece).

Place the tissue paper on top of the box so that the box is in the middle. Push the tissue paper inside the box.

Tip: Tissue paper should be on top of the Styrofoam

Step Eight:

Take your sign and poke it through the tissue paper where the hole you had already made is. Tuck the tissue paper in and it will look like the centerpiece below on the left.

finished centerpiece


Silhouette Cameo

White and blue card stock

red tissue paper

red ribbon

ONE patriotic boxes (Joann’s had them for $1 with 60% off)

3 patriotic star straws 



Hot Glue Gun

Step One:

Begin by cutting out the stars you would like to use for the centerpiece.

 I used the 3d star garland from Sweet Afton. I made two whites and one blue.

Step Two:

Once you assemble them allow them to dry while you follow steps one through three from above.

Step Three:

Take the other half of the tissue paper and place the tissue paper on top of the box so that the box is in the middle. Push the tissue paper inside the box.

Tip: Tissue paper should be on top of the Styrofoam

Step Four: 

three straws

Poke the straw through the tissue paper into the previously made hole in the middle of the Styrofoam. Than add two more straws, one on the left and one on the right.  Gently poking them through just like you did the one in the middle.

Step Five:

shite star

Take your star and find an opening at the bottom.

Tip: If you can’t see an opening, you can gently squeeze it together to find the opening.

Step Four:

star example with arrow

Apply a small amount of hot glue to the inside of the star on the back piece of paper (where the red dot is located).

Place one straw (from the box that you made holes with earlier) on the glue than add another dot of glue on top of straw and close the star so that it adheres to the straw.

Repeat this step with the other two stars and straws

Step Five:

finished centerpiece

Tie red ribbon around each straw and place back in box. Fold tissue paper in the box and you have another easy peasy centerpiece.

Total Cost for both centerpieces: $10

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any awesome ideas, add them below and don’t forget to comment, share and pin.

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D.I.Y Mickey Mouse Head for Centerpieces

mickey mouse head painted main

There’s no secret that kids love Mickey Mouse. He was here when I was little and he’s still here with his friends for my children. So when a good friend of mine asked me to design her a mickey mouse centerpiece for her little prince I was super excited to do so. The ultimate goal was to keep it budget friendly so I opted for minimum items. Let’s get started….


items needed   Black Acrylic Paint

Three Styrofoam balls (2 at 2.5 inches and 1 at 3 inches)

Wooden Dowel

2 small Popsicle sticks (You can use one and cut it in half if you like)

Small rectangle of Styrofoam (to serve as base)

Gable Box or terracotta pot



Take your gable box and fold the flaps down on all four sides


styrofoam to the base

Place the Styrofoam in the box. This will keep the flaps down and serve as the base for the centerpiece

TIP: You can also add a piece of card stock to cover the white.


mm ear with toothpick

Take the small 2.5 inch Styrofoam ball and stick a small Popsicle (or halve of Popsicle) inside.

TIP: Once you place the stick in the ball, take it out and use hot glue to fill the hole. Place the stick back in the hole to adhere it to the ball.



add mickey ear to face

Take the small Styrofoam balls with stick and stick it in the bigger 3 inch Styrofoam ball. Make sure it is placed were you want it and than repeat step 3 TIP.


mickey ears

Added the second ball so that the mickey mouse ear and you have the head.


mickey mouse head painted

Paint the Mickey Mouse Head. Allow 24 hours to dry.

Once it has dried,  you can do whatever it is you would like to do.

Here is some examples of what I did with mine.

    watermarked centerpiece two watermarked centerpiece one

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

If you have any questions or have ideas to share feel free to leave a comment.

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Wedding Wednesdays

Wedding Wednesdays

Purple and White inspiration

Wintertime may not seem like an idea time to get married, but 9% of most wedding take place in December, January, and February. I am sure most are destination weddings where the weather is nice, but even if it’s not there are still some pretty elegant weddings taking place all over. This week’s wedding inspiration is the colors purple and white. White represents the snow while purple represents royalty. With these two colors the possibilities are endless. Check out some of these great ideas to help you pull together a beautiful wedding.

The dress:

Every bride must have a show stopping dress right? Check out this gorgeous dress by Alfred Angelo

The purple back that extends to the train is gorgeous.


If an all white dress is more of your taste you can simply play on the color of purple by having the bridesmaids, matron and maids of honor wear purple. Mix up the different necklines to suit everyone’s personalities and bodies. bridesmaid

Next is the men of course, because a bride has to have a groom.

Here the heather grey suit is accented with a purple tie to match the theme. I think it’s a pretty smooth way to go about coordinating.

gray suit with purple ties

Continue this theme with the ring bearer and flower girl and you are sure to have a stunning wedding party.

Now where the ceremony is held depends on the place and time. If you having a destination wedding outside in the middle of January, you may like to be in a garden. This set up setup with white seats and decor, but is accented with purple roses and the garden . A beautiful way to get married, if you ask me.


Next is the reception space. The mood of the reception is set as soon as you walk in so purple lights and starlights can definitely set a romantic/ sexy mood that reads “no kids allowed”

nighttime flair

You can also opt for something a less romantic but still very elegant. A little pink is added the flowers are added to the bouquets on the table to make it pop.

purple essence

Another way you can accent decor is with candles and flowers. You can add floating candles or uniquely placed wine glasses with candles and flowers.

flower and candle centerpiece

upside down glasses

Food or desserts of choice, is totally up to you, but check do consider a candy table.

dessert table

You can spoil your guest with champagne and candy in one.

rock candy in wine

Or yummy red velvet cake pops

red velvet cakepops

Last but not least have your guest take something sweet like chocolate.

It’s inexpensive and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

wedding favors

Hope you enjoyed the Purple and White wedding inspiration. Be sure to click on the pics to lead you to the sources they came from. Until next time,

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Easy Christmas Ornament Centerpieces

easy ornament centerpiece logo

The Holidays are quickly approaching so I want to share a few quick d.i.y centerpieces you can do. If you have every found yourself in a quick need to create a centerpiece this post is for you. All you need is a few items and you will ready before your guest arrive.

5 minute Royalty Centerpiece

The first centerpiece is the royalty centerpiece as the colors are gold and silver with a hint of green from the garland.

Items needed:

Charger plate

Silver and gold (with texture)

pine garland

Apothecary jar

Easy Ornament Centerpieces Final

Step One: Choose the ornaments you likes and stack them inside the apothecary jar. Before you stuff the apothecary jar be sure to clean it.

Step Two: Place the apothecary jar in the middle of the charger plate and wrap the garland around it. Try not to wrap it to tight.

Step Three: Line the garland with the left over ornaments you have. Make sure the tip is inside so you can’t see it. I choose to use two different sizes and texture for a different look. You could simply use all the same texture and sizes if that’s what you like.

Step Four: Step back and admire your centerpiece it took you 5 minutes and your done 🙂

5 minute Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

Easy Ornament Centerpieces Blue Final

Items needed:

Cake stand

Silver and blue ornaments (mostly same size)

Green leaves from fake flowers

Apothecary stand

Step One: Choose the ornaments you likes and stack them inside the apothecary jar. Before you stuff the apothecary jar be sure to clean it.

Step Two: Place the apothecary jar in the middle of the cake stand.

Step Three: Take the fake flower leaves and place them on the cake stand in front of the apothecary jar. You need at least 3 sections of them.

Step Four: Place the ornaments in the middle of the fake leaves. They should look like flowers.

Step Five: Step back and admire your centerpiece it took you 5 minutes and your done 🙂

Looking for more inspiration? Here’s a few more easy centerpieces I did using all the same items.


Love what you see? Don’t forget to pin it! Until next time,

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