Easy Peasy Minion Jello Treats

Minion Closeup2

It’s Minion Madness in my house. My twins love them so much and I have to say my older ones secretly love them too.

minion jello box

So when I went to Walmart I seen these super cute minion jello molds and I had to have them.

They are super easy to make and everything came in the pack so for $4.98.

What you will need:

Hot water

Nonstick spray

2 large bowls

2 spoons

items needed

What comes in the box: 

2 packs of berry blue

2 packs of lemon

2 minion tray molds

*Simply follow the box directions and allow it to chill for 3 hours.

Minion Closeup


What I love most about these jello molds is that you can use them for parties, or just snacks for the kids.

Anytime you can use something repeatedly makes it a win win in my book.

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D.I.Y Mickey Mouse Head for Centerpieces

mickey mouse head painted main

There’s no secret that kids love Mickey Mouse. He was here when I was little and he’s still here with his friends for my children. So when a good friend of mine asked me to design her a mickey mouse centerpiece for her little prince I was super excited to do so. The ultimate goal was to keep it budget friendly so I opted for minimum items. Let’s get started….


items needed   Black Acrylic Paint

Three Styrofoam balls (2 at 2.5 inches and 1 at 3 inches)

Wooden Dowel

2 small Popsicle sticks (You can use one and cut it in half if you like)

Small rectangle of Styrofoam (to serve as base)

Gable Box or terracotta pot



Take your gable box and fold the flaps down on all four sides


styrofoam to the base

Place the Styrofoam in the box. This will keep the flaps down and serve as the base for the centerpiece

TIP: You can also add a piece of card stock to cover the white.


mm ear with toothpick

Take the small 2.5 inch Styrofoam ball and stick a small Popsicle (or halve of Popsicle) inside.

TIP: Once you place the stick in the ball, take it out and use hot glue to fill the hole. Place the stick back in the hole to adhere it to the ball.



add mickey ear to face

Take the small Styrofoam balls with stick and stick it in the bigger 3 inch Styrofoam ball. Make sure it is placed were you want it and than repeat step 3 TIP.


mickey ears

Added the second ball so that the mickey mouse ear and you have the head.


mickey mouse head painted

Paint the Mickey Mouse Head. Allow 24 hours to dry.

Once it has dried,  you can do whatever it is you would like to do.

Here is some examples of what I did with mine.

    watermarked centerpiece two watermarked centerpiece one

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

If you have any questions or have ideas to share feel free to leave a comment.

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Party of the Month by Birthday Express: Sweet Candy Shoppe Party

Create the Sweetest Candy Themed Birthday Ever

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sweet shoppe candy party supplies
Bright, colorful, and fun! That’s the look and feel of the Sweet Candy Shoppe party theme. Think rainbow colors, accented with hot pink, lime green, neon yellow, lavender, turquoise, black and white. The Birthday Express Sweet Shoppe party supplies incorporates all these colors in their collection of brightly-colored rock candy sticks, multi-colored Whirly Pops, Gumball assortments, lollipops, and more. They’ve also got a fun, candy-themed personalizedbirthday banner that will really make a child’s special day sweet.

Other decorating ideas include: lining your walkway with fake lollipops, using construction or crepe paper to make candy-shaped wall decorations, and adding lots of colorful balloons all around the party zone. For inspiration, picture Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Candy Land, or even the game app, Candy Crush.

Candy Shoppe Food/Drink – While most kids are convinced that they could survive on candy alone, it’s a good idea to have an array of healthier foods to balance out all the sugar (although, there will be plenty of sugar involved in a Candy Shoppe Party). Fun ideas include make-your-own-mini-pizzas or cooking up small-portion hamburgers, as well as having a veggie plate loaded with multicolored veggies and fruit (carrots, red and yellow bell peppers, green beans, purple cauliflower, strawberries, blueberries, etc.).

sweet shoppe candy party supplies

On the sweeter side, the options are almost endless! You could arrange a rainbow colored assortment of licorice sticks in cups on a table and have the guests bite off each end and use the licorice as straws! You could pre-frost cupcakes and then let the guests decorate them with everything from jelly beans and Pop Rocks Candy to M&M’s and sprinkles. And you can serve it all on Birthday Express-designed Candy Shoppe dinner plates!

Candy Shoppe Games and Favors – What’s a Candy Shoppe Party without a fun game of Candy Land? BirthdayExpress also has you covered with other enjoyable games, such as a Giant Cupcake Pinata and an Inflatable Cake Ring Toss Game. Perfect candy-themed favors include cupcake scented nail polish, candy necklaces, ice cream lip balm, and Candy Shoppe tattoos. And you could send each guest home with their very own Candy Shoppe Filled Party Favor Box that includes a candy sticker sheet, candy buttons, a glitter bracelet and more sweet treats!

And what better way to say “Thanks for being such a sweet friend,” than with Birthday Express‘ Candy Shoppe Thank-You Notes.

Candy Shoppe Thank-You Notes

Cupcake Giant Pinata

Candy Shoppe Dessert Plates

Take a look and share any ideas you have of your own.

Until next time,

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A New Way to Party – Personalized Plates from Birthday Express!

A New Way to Party – Personalized Plates from Birthday Express!
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Birthday Express Personalized PlatesBirthday Express has done it again with their newest arrival, personalized plates! You can now upload any photo you would like and design a customized party plate for any occasion, from birthdays to graduations, anniversaries to everyday gatherings. These plates will take your party from good to great, by adding a personal touch never before seen!

At just $9.99 per set of 8 plates, this is a fun and affordable way to bring life to your party, quite literally! Check out the personalized plates I created of my daughter in her pirate costume. Last year we hosted a pirate party for my son and she loved it so much now she wants one. This year I plan on using these super cute plates to decorate the table.  It’s she the cutest little pirate you have ever seen? 🙂

face plate

They even have personalized party supplies like party banners, centerpieces, and invitations to add to those personalized plates at BirthdayExpress.com!