The Minion Takeover

Minion Takeover

It’s the minion takeover at Glitter Girlz Events and Designs. Check out these awesome D.I.Y party ideas that are sure to bring you Minion Party to life.

1. Minion Hard Hats

2. Minion Marshmellow treats

3. Minion Balloons

4. Minion Cupcakes

5. Minion Soda Bottles

6. Minion Jello Treats

7. Minion Glass Centerpiece

8. Minion Cake

9. Minion Popcorn Boxes

10. Minion Bubble Favors  


12 Days of Christmas Decor: Day 8

12 Days of xmas decor


Hello all,

Welcome to Twelve Days of Christmas Decor Day 8. Today the topic of discussion is Outdoor decor. When I say outdoor I mean the yard or the front porch minus the front door. Having awesome decor outside your home is another way to spread the Christmas Spirit. If you are anything like my family, we love to ride around at night and look at all the different decor. We typically do one neighborhood a weekend all month long up until the the weekend before Christmas. It’s fun to do and I love seeing my kids faces light up from all the special displays we see. You can add that to your Christmas traditions if you like (I won’t tell ūüėČ ). If you looking for some great ideas to decorate your yard and spread some Christmas Cheer check out these……


Outdoor Decor Collage


1. Candy canes in a vase 2.  Ice luminaries 3. Northpole lights

4. Giant Nutcrackers 5. Let it snow please 6. Christmas Signs

7. Sleigh 8. Concrete Block giftboxes 9. Melted snowman

10. Christmas Chair 11. Ornament Spheres 12. Giant Ornaments

Hope you found some inspiration for your yard. Until next time,

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Twelve Days of Christmas Decor: Day 7

12 Days of xmas decor


Day 7 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Decor is highlighting the Christmas Tree. Can you guest what? That’s right the tree skirts is our topic of the day. ¬†Tree skirts can take a well decorated tree to another level. Hey even an average looking tree can be jazzed up with a tree skirt. I love the versatility of tree skirts, but I have noticed that this years trend seems to be along the lines of ruffles. No matter the preference, a tree skirt is a great additional to Christmas Decor. Check out these d.i.y tree skirts.

Tree Skirt Collage


1. No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt  2. D.I.Y Ruched Tree Skirt 3. Snowflake tree skirt

4. Painter’s Drop Cloth Christmas Tree 5.  No sew burlap tree skirt 6. No sew snowflake skirt

7. Red and white chevron tree skirt 8. Peace on Mind Tree skirt 9.  D.I.Y T-shirt Skirt

10. Burlap and Lave Tree Skirt 11. Ombre Ruffles Tree Skirt 12. Poinsettia Tree Skirt

Hope you found some inspiration from these awesome tree skirts. Until next time,

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12 Days of Christmas Decor: Day 6

12 Days of xmas decor


Day six of Twelve Days of Christmas is an awesome set of D.I.Y. Garland Tutorials. Garland can be used for many different spaces in your house. Over the fireplace, the windows(inside or out), ¬†over or around the front door or the Christmas Tree. No matter the use, mixing up different mediums can create something awesome. Check out these………


Garland Collage


1. D.I.Y Burlap garland 2. Gingerbread Garland 3. Pottery Barn Inspired Garland

4. Peppermint Garland 5. D.I.Y. Snowflake Garland 6.  Vintage Christmas Garland

7.  Pine Cone Garland 8. Twisted Felt Garland 9. White leaf garland

10. D.I.Y Christmas Garland 11. Simple Gold Foil Garland 12. D.I.Y STENCIL GARLAND

Hope you found some inspiration from these pins. Until next time,

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12 Days of Christmas Decor- Day 5


12 Days of xmas decor


Burlap, Ornaments, Candy Canes and Bows, these are a few things that make awesome Christmas Tree Decor. Day 5 is all about decorating the house with Christmas Trees. In these posts different decor was used to create an awesome Christmas Tree with an even sweeter topper. Check them out….

Trees and Toppers collage


2. Initial Topper  3. Ornament topper

6. Tophat Topper  7. Music Ornament Topper

9. Burlap Tree with Pine Cone Ornaments   10. Woven Paper Tree Topper

12 Days of Christmas Decor- Day 4

Stocking Collage

Just like a Christmas tree, stockings are a must. They help set the tone for the space and they are the third most tempting things kids want to touch (First would the Christmas tree, following presents lol). Growing up stockings were one of my favorite things to have, because you could personalize them and make them extra special. You could put your name on it, or just your favorite character, color or whatever. It was the item that said “Hey Santa this is my stocking.” lol In saying that I figured what better way to show you how versatile stockings can be by offering up some awesome Pinterest finds that happen to be d.i.y as well as store bought. Let’s check them out.

Christmas Stocking Collage


A.¬†Season’s Sparkle Embroidered Stocking¬†B. Burlap and Lace

C. Pouch Pals D. Chunky Cable Knit Stockings

E. Sock Monkey Stocking F. Mistleholly Stocking

H. D.I.Y Burlap Christmas Stocking (hints of red and white)  H. D.I.Y Burlap with hints of gold Stocking

I. Gryffindor Stocking J. Nutcracker Stocking

K. Knit long john stocking L. Simplicity Stocking 

I hope you found some Christmas stocking inspiration. ¬†Until next time…..

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12 Days of Christmas Decor-Day 3

12 Days of xmas decor

Fireplace Mantle sign Fireplace Mantle Collage

One of my favorite things to decorate (other than the Christmas tree) is our fireplace. I love how you can bring the essences of the holidays right in your living room with an awesome Christmas tree and an even prettier over the fireplace mantle decor. In this post I wanted to share some of my favorites ideas that I found on Pinterest. These ladies, really rocked it and touched on some keys elements and ideas that bring the Christmas spirit to their living rooms.

A. Candy Pane¬†I love the simplicity of the candy canes hanging because candy canes are a holiday staple and you can’t do wrong with them.

B. D.I.Y Christmas Lantern   I love the lantern with the berries and candle inside because again lanterns scream cozy to me and they play on the traditional holiday colors.

C. D.I.Y. Ornament Garland¬†I love the fun and playfulness with the garland. You can play with a multitude of colors or just use two or three. No matter the color choice you can’t go wrong with ornaments.

D. D.I.Y. Stocking Hangers¬†Adding your special touch to the holidays with family photos is always a smart way to go. If they double as stocking hangers, well HEY..that’s just genius

.¬†¬†E. Joy with a mirror¬†I love this ENTIRE setup. I don’t know what I love more. The gold “Joy” hanging from the red ribbon on a mirror or the mix of silver and gold around the entire fireplace and mantel.

F. Disney Cone Trees¬†Again this is one I also LOVE. The colors are so fun and to be honest the first thing I thought of was “FROZEN” lol. I know some people may be really tired of that movie, but my daughter loves it and with fireplace decor like that who wouldn’t.

G. D.I.Y Apothecary Snowglobes¬†I love this idea, because one it’s more sophisticated than your standard snow globe and two because you can pretty much do anything you would like. Great idea and the color possibilities are endless.

H. Hanging Ornaments Again just like the candy canes, hanging ornaments is genius. You can do any color(s), match them with ornament garland or play with texture like they did in this picture with glitter, matte, shiny and metallic.

¬†I. Letters on the Mantel¬†¬†Letters are always a great way to decorate, but what I love the most about this setup is the mixture of the sizes, colors and the style of the letters. The “O” is an wreath which brings some texture to NOEL.

J. Rustic Fireplace Basket¬†I love this for three reasons. First the wood and garland says winter. Second I love this because it is rustic and third because if you don’t have a fireplace you can still add this in your living room next to a couch or near the front door.

In saying all that, I am still not sure which one I love the most. To be honest I think they are all awesome. I hope you enjoyed day 3 and stay tuned for day 4.

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