Easy Peasy Minion Jello Treats

Minion Closeup2

It’s Minion Madness in my house. My twins love them so much and I have to say my older ones secretly love them too.

minion jello box

So when I went to Walmart I seen these super cute minion jello molds and I had to have them.

They are super easy to make and everything came in the pack so for $4.98.

What you will need:

Hot water

Nonstick spray

2 large bowls

2 spoons

items needed

What comes in the box: 

2 packs of berry blue

2 packs of lemon

2 minion tray molds

*Simply follow the box directions and allow it to chill for 3 hours.

Minion Closeup


What I love most about these jello molds is that you can use them for parties, or just snacks for the kids.

Anytime you can use something repeatedly makes it a win win in my book.

Until Next time,

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