Dad’s Emergency Stash: A Father’s Day Gift

diyFather's day giftFather’s Day is right around the corner. So what do you get that awesome father who has everything? Here’s an super easy gift basket for dad that is sure to be appreciated.

Shopping list:

  • kids (lol just kidding, but you will need them later)
  • 6 pk of crush orange soda or root beer
  • 2 pks of pistachios
  • 3 packs of skittles (share size)
  • 5 bags of snacks that your hubby likes

Crafting supplies

  • Ruler
  • cardstock
  • printer
  • computer
  • mod podge
  • scorer
  • Scoreboard
  • baker twines
  • silhouette cameo (or paper punches)
  • scissors
  • tissue paper
  • hole puncher

So let’s get started……………

First thing first, I let my lovely kids drink the crush soda (I payed for it later). lol  Once they were finished I washed the bottles out with soap and hot water and allowed them to air dry while I worked on the holder.


To ensure that my design was the right size, I measured the box.

Once I determined what dimensions would fit, I used PicMonkey to create the design that I wanted for the front of the box.

20150610_141857After printing out my design on white card stock, I matched a similar blue card-stock to it. This card-stock will be the cover for the sides and back of the box.

I used my ruler and a pencil to measure the sides and the back. I ended up with 4 small squares and one long rectangle for the back.

*Notice below that the paper goes up towards the handle. This is to cover the triangle that leads to the handle. If you don’t cover it the orange will show.


Next, Just simply fold the paper over the ends to make the perfect angle. Than fold the edges back towards you to make the crease more apparent. Now you can glue it, down without it bulking up.


Once the sides and backs are glued on than you can measure the top and cut the card-stock accordingly.

*Notice I measure more towards the inside the box (in the front) to be sure I got ride off all orange.

Glue the pieces down and allow to dry.

TIP: I did not bother making a hole for a handle, because my contents were to heavy.


Next step is to create tags for the bottles that will hold the candy inside. Using my silhouette I designed small tags that would go around the necks of the bottles. I also printed out small tags with a cute message on white card stock and adhered them to the top of the tags. Don’t forget to punch a hole in either the left or right hand corner depending on what side you want the tag to hang. 20150610_145507

Once the tags are finished. I grabbed my bottles and my bags of treats and began to fill them up.


I was pretty sure that two bags of skittles would have filled the bottle, however I was totally wrong. You will most definitely need 3 bags of skittles and 2 bags of pistachios.


*I started with intentions of making three bottles, but opted for 2 instead because I had more snacks rather than candy*.


Once the treats are in the jar, cover them lids.

Take your tissue paper and cut a 3 x 3 square out. Place the tissue paper over the bottle so that the top is in the middle of it and fold over it. Than tie the tag around the neck with baker’s twine or ribbon.


As for the other treats, you can place them however you like.

TIP: I added tissue paper at the bottom of the snacks to help them get a little more height and not sink into the box.

DISCLAIMER: In all honesty my hubby loves CANDY more than anything but I decided to NOT feed that habit and instead tend to his “snacking” habit lol. You can of course do whatever it is you think your husband will like.


Hope you enjoyed DAD’S Emergency Stash.

Have any questions, comments or just want to share some father’s day gifts you have done. Leave it in the comments, below.

Until Next Time,

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