How to narrow down your kids Christmas List

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I don’t know about you but my kids tend to have long Christmas List every year! When I say long I mean about 30 items a piece. With 30 plus items a child it can be rather difficult to narrow down what they really want when every time a new commercial comes on they run and add a new item to the list. So two years ago right before Black Friday I formulated a plan to help me get to the “ROOT” of the problem.  It’s fairly simple process and once you implement these steps  you will be able to shop for Christmas, months in advance and guess what… may even save some $$$$!

Step 1: Download a Memo app and than create a list for each one of your childrenmemo list

I already used the “Classic Notes” app on my SG3  for everything, so I went ahead and continued my use. Each list has my child’s name so I know which list I am adding items to.

Step 2: Add items throughout the year free-clip-art-check-list


As the year goes by I add items to the list that my kids mention or that I think they would love. Often times, they mention throughout the year items they are interested in, like mom can I get a new football, or I would love an art set or journal. Hints like these don’t go forgotten because I make note of them in my phone.

Side Note: Before I add an item to the list I have to hear them mention the item at least three times. This eliminates those random gifts, that kids tend to ask for only because they seen it on tv or their friends have one. 

Step 3: Ask the kids!


After Halloween ask them to begin making their own list of TEN items they want for Christmas. If you get them to make a list before all the toys begin to flash all over every commercial on tv, you stand a better chance of getting a more genuine Christmas list.

**Side Note: Keep the spirit alive by still allowing the kids to make a even bigger list for Christmas. You can do this by getting a copy of toys r us, kmart and walmart toy books. Tell them they can pick three items out of each book. Believe it or not my kids will spend half the day looking at those books and making a list. It’s pretty much became a holiday activity, even though they can’t get everything lol. 

making a list

STEP 4: Once I have my list and they have their own, I put them all together and give it to them. I tell them to look over it and put stars next the 6 items they want the most.  I know, that sounds crazy, but it allows them to really think about what they want and the bonus is that they are now less likely to ask me for items they don’t really want. Once they narrow down their list, we are ready to make our Dear Santa Letters. (Check out link to see our Dear Santa Letters).

Side Note: Keep in mind I do this in the middle of November right before Black Friday. By the time Thanksgiving is here, I have a wishlist and I am ready to SHOP.    🙂

Hope these tips come in handy for you as you begin to think about Christmas Shopping and all the toy commercials start flashing across the big screen. Until next time,

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