12 Days of Christmas Decor: Day 12

12 Days of xmas decor


It’s the last day of our 12 days of Christmas Decor. The last thing we discussed was yummy desserts that we could add to our tables for edible decor. Well today we will view some awesome centerpieces to bring all the elements we have discussed together. Depending on the decor on the table you can either go really detailed and create an amazing centerpiece like the decor mesh tree (number 5) or keep it simple with candles and berries (number 6). Either way adding a centerpiece is a great way to bring together your decor.

Centerpiece Collage


1. Holiday Mantel 2. Santa Can 3. Candy inspired centerpiece

4. Mason Jar centerpiece 5. Mesh Christmas Tree 6. Candle and berries on a platter

7. Pallet Wood Centerpiece 8. Fairy Light Mason Jars 9. Reindeer Centerpiece

10. Dollar Tree Hurricane Candle 11. Snowman Hat 12. Giftbox centerpiece

Hope you found some inspiration from these pins. Don’t forget to pin for future reference. Until next time,

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