12 Days OF Christmas Decor: Day 10

12 Days of xmas decor


Today is Day 10 of Twelve Days of Christmas Decor. Yesterday we discussed the importance of setting the mood for your party with music that brings holiday cheer. Today we will discuss decorating your table so that the music and the decor are cohesive. Much like choosing music, choosing decor requires some thought. Here are a few pics to help spark your creative flow.


table decor Collage


1. Red Reindeers (Can I just say I love these so much. They really bring Christmas and sophistication together as one.)

2.  Red, white and green present tablescape  3. Red and white tablescape

4. Silver and White pompom ball tablescapes  5. Mini Trees

6. Santa Suit Silverware Holders  7. Red Ornament Tablescape

8. Santa seat covers  9. Peppermint Topiary Tablescape

10. North Pole Street Light  11. Greenery Table Decor

Until next time,

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