12 Days of Christmas Decor: Day 8

12 Days of xmas decor


Hello all,

Welcome to Twelve Days of Christmas Decor Day 8. Today the topic of discussion is Outdoor decor. When I say outdoor I mean the yard or the front porch minus the front door. Having awesome decor outside your home is another way to spread the Christmas Spirit. If you are anything like my family, we love to ride around at night and look at all the different decor. We typically do one neighborhood a weekend all month long up until the the weekend before Christmas. It’s fun to do and I love seeing my kids faces light up from all the special displays we see. You can add that to your Christmas traditions if you like (I won’t tell ūüėČ ). If you looking for some great ideas to decorate your yard and spread some Christmas Cheer check out these……


Outdoor Decor Collage


1. Candy canes in a vase 2.  Ice luminaries 3. Northpole lights

4. Giant Nutcrackers 5. Let it snow please 6. Christmas Signs

7. Sleigh 8. Concrete Block giftboxes 9. Melted snowman

10. Christmas Chair 11. Ornament Spheres 12. Giant Ornaments

Hope you found some inspiration for your yard. Until next time,

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