Twelve Days of Christmas Decor: Day 7

12 Days of xmas decor


Day 7 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Decor is highlighting the Christmas Tree. Can you guest what? That’s right the tree skirts is our topic of the day.  Tree skirts can take a well decorated tree to another level. Hey even an average looking tree can be jazzed up with a tree skirt. I love the versatility of tree skirts, but I have noticed that this years trend seems to be along the lines of ruffles. No matter the preference, a tree skirt is a great additional to Christmas Decor. Check out these d.i.y tree skirts.

Tree Skirt Collage


1. No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt  2. D.I.Y Ruched Tree Skirt 3. Snowflake tree skirt

4. Painter’s Drop Cloth Christmas Tree 5.  No sew burlap tree skirt 6. No sew snowflake skirt

7. Red and white chevron tree skirt 8. Peace on Mind Tree skirt 9.  D.I.Y T-shirt Skirt

10. Burlap and Lave Tree Skirt 11. Ombre Ruffles Tree Skirt 12. Poinsettia Tree Skirt

Hope you found some inspiration from these awesome tree skirts. Until next time,

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