12 Days of Christmas Decor- Day 4

Stocking Collage

Just like a Christmas tree, stockings are a must. They help set the tone for the space and they are the third most tempting things kids want to touch (First would the Christmas tree, following presents lol). Growing up stockings were one of my favorite things to have, because you could personalize them and make them extra special. You could put your name on it, or just your favorite character, color or whatever. It was the item that said “Hey Santa this is my stocking.” lol In saying that I figured what better way to show you how versatile stockings can be by offering up some awesome Pinterest finds that happen to be d.i.y as well as store bought. Let’s check them out.

Christmas Stocking Collage


A. Season’s Sparkle Embroidered Stocking B. Burlap and Lace

C. Pouch Pals D. Chunky Cable Knit Stockings

E. Sock Monkey Stocking F. Mistleholly Stocking

H. D.I.Y Burlap Christmas Stocking (hints of red and white)  H. D.I.Y Burlap with hints of gold Stocking

I. Gryffindor Stocking J. Nutcracker Stocking

K. Knit long john stocking L. Simplicity Stocking 

I hope you found some Christmas stocking inspiration.  Until next time…..

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