12 Days of Christmas Decor-Day 2

12 Days of xmas decorChristmas Door Decor sign

Decorating the house is almost a given, but what about the outside? There are so many ways you can go about decorating. For, instance you can cover the entire door with a fun and festive decor ideas like glitter snowflakes or you can keep it little more simple with just a wreath and some lights. Either way, holiday decorations for outside the house is a great way to help spread the holiday cheer. Check out these awesome wreath tutorials and door ideas for some holiday inspiration.

Holiday Door Decor


A. Amaze-balls d.i.y holiday wreath B. Snowflake Wreath

E. White Berry Wreath F. Santa’s belly wreath

I. Cork Wreath J. Striped Paper Straw Wreath

M. Fluffy Pom Pom Snowflake Wreath N. Framed Christmas Wreath

I hope you enjoyed these awesome Pinterest finds.

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