Budget Friendly Wedding Favors

A wedding is the grand event every girl thinks about growing up. We all want that Cinderella dress,  the glass slippers, and the Prince that will give us our slipper if we happen to lose it on the way out. But let’s face it…that Cinderella dress and shoes cost a lot of money, so most of us only dream of the chance. Well, just because your budget doesn’t have that Cinderella price tag does not mean that it can’t be spectacular. It just means you aren’t will to go into credit card debt and are being more realistic. 🙂 Therefore, today’s topic is affordable wedding favors.  I realize you can do DIY favors that are budget friendly (I will touch base on that in another post), but today’s post is about budget friendly wedding favors that can be bought in  store or online. In my opinion, budget friendly consists of favors under $3. So, this entire week is dedicated to the top 30 wedding favors under $3.

This first set of wedding favors is based on the scenario that the bride has $2000 and a guest list of 200 people, therefore all these favors are based on a 200 item order from various online stores.



10. Personalized Hand Sanitizer

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with sanitizer because everyone has to keep their hands clean

and just think every time they use it they will think about how beautiful your wedding was.

Personalized Hand Sanitizer - Silhouette Collection

9. Good Wishes Heart Glass Coasters

These cute heart shape coasters are sure to remind your guests of all the love they felt at the wedding,

while keeping water stains from ruining their tables of course!

8. Silkscreen Printed Espresso Cups Mugs

These mugs are a great option for winter weddings and, of course, coffee lovers.

 Silk Screen Printed Collection  espresso cups

7. Personalized Acrylic Luggage Tag

If you are having a destination wedding then personalized acrylic luggage tag wedding favors are the perfect addition.

Guest can use them on any trip and they can be customized with a picture of the destination and your names for instant memory bliss.

Personalized Wedding Luggage Tag Favor


6. Is your wedding during the wintertime?

If so, try adding a special touch with personalized hot chocolate mix with your name and wedding date on it.

Classic Cake Wedding Hot Chocolate Mix



5. Personalized K-Cup Coffee Favors

K-Cups are another awesome winter wedding favor. Coffee lovers won’t complain.

Personalized K-Cup Coffee Favors

4. Bride and Groom Pens

Spread the joy of your wedding with pens.

Everyone needs a pen and it’s even sweeter when the guests are reminded of your special day.

Wedding Pens - Bride & Groom

3. Chalkboard Frames

 Chalkboard anything is totally popular right now,

so adding your picture and a personalized message makes it even sweeter.

“Chalkboard” Square Black Frame

2. Slice of Love Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Just about everyone eats pizza, so why not remind them of love while they slice into an oooey-gooey, yummy pepperoni pizza.

A Slice of Love Stainless-Steel Pizza Cutter in Miniature Pizza

1. Personalized Shot Glass or Votive Holder

You can never go wrong with personalized shot glasses.

Just about everyone needs a drink here and there and if they don’t then they can always be used as candleholders.

Personalized Shot Glass/ Votive Holder

Out of the ten that were listed under $2 I hope that you found that fits your budget and style. Remember wedding favors tell a little about the bride and groom so try to give a little of yourself in whatever you choose 🙂

Love and Glitter



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