Party Theme of the month: Hello Kitty

Pretty in Pink with Hello Kitty party supplies from Birthday Express
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Hello Kitty Party Supplies at Birthday Express

What little girl doesn’t love the sweetly iconic look of Hello Kitty? Create a purrrfect party setting with the Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party Pack from Birthday Express.

It doesn’t take much to throw a Hello Kitty party together. All you have to do is add some  key elements, with touches of glimmer and gloss. Finish it off with a coating of some lovely pastels.  Here are some ideas on how…

Food & Drink Ideas – Tiny muffins and tea sandwiches wrapped in polka dot cupcake wrappers to keep the cute quotient up and the sugar levels low. Serve them with strawberry (think pink!) and/or plain milk in small, old fashioned milk bottles which work perfectly with pink striped straws.  You could also try your hand at making cake pops with the Hello Kitty Cake Pop Baking Kit or Hello Kitty Cookies. 

Hello Kitty Party Supplies at Birthday Express

Party Activities – Everyone loves a piñata, and the Hello Kitty Pinata Kit (featured below) is filled with all sorts of treats, including candy and little toys. 

Be sure to have something for them to put all there goodies in, like these super cute Hello Kitty Party Bags

Hello Kitty Party Bags

If you’re looking for something with a little less mess, the girls can play a Hello Kitty Game (featured below) and than head over to the make your own favor box table.  This is an easy way to let kids build their own Hello Kitty super souvenir! Simply set out bowls of Hello Kitty treats, such as: stickers, rings, Hello Kitty PEZ dispensers, colorful bracelets, coloring books, crayons and a party favor box or tin to put all the goodies in. 

Hello Kitty Party Favor Box

Hello Kitty Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons

Hello Kitty Coloring and Activity Book with Crayons

Hello Kitty Party Game

Hello Kitty Tin Box Carry All

Tin Box Carry All

Party Decor – On your palette of pastels, add in accent pieces that brings the theme to life. You can use items such as Hello Kitty confetti or use the Hello Kitty rings (featured below) as napkin holders. You can even add the Hello Kitty Balloon Background for a photo shoot during the party. Speaking of photos, how about making the birthday girl the star of the party and dressing her up as Hello Kitty while her friends can sport these sweet little Hello Kitty Tiaras. 

Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party Pack

Hello Kitty Rings

Hello Kitty Toddler Costume

For a full selection of Hello Kitty party supplies, visit Birthday Express – where you can plan the perfect party from start to finish every time!

Love and GlitterChristi




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