Essentials of An Awesome Baby Shower

One of my favorite parties to do is baby showers. I think it’s because I love families. Families are one of the greatest gifts in life. It all starts with two people being in love that have children and than those children grow and have their own children with someone they love and on and on and on (Sounds like a happily ever after story right?) lol.  Well even if that so called happily ever after doesn’t last and it turns in to a family separating there is always room for growth. I mean how many of us are a product of a biological parent and a step parent. I know I am. There is beauty in finding new love and sometimes the breaking of one family just so happens to be the best thing. Those who are hurt are able to mend their hearts to find new love and than create bigger and better families and that’s a beautiful thing. Taking what’s broken and fixing it. When those new families come together and decide to bring a child into the world to experience that love as well…..well let’s just say I LOVE it.

That brings me to my topic. So your pregnant, your friend’s pregnant, or your bestie is pregnant, but you have never done a baby shower before and don’t know where to start. This is the Essential Guide to hosting a baby shower.

1. First thing First, you need a pregnant lady (j/k) no seriously you need an awesome theme.

Sit down and think about awesome things about the parents, their family, colors, traditions etc. to come up with a pretty cool theme. There are so many ideas out there that you could choose from. Some of my favorites are:

You are my Sunshine This an awesome theme that always adds some brightness to the room.

 This particular theme was done by Jocelyn Heyward of Suga Foot Events and Rentals. It’s an awesome theme for the summer time and the color combination can be done different ways to truly add your personal touch.


If you want it to be more personal you could even choose a theme like Brooklyn and Bling.

Brooklyn's Bling Baby Shower decor by A.S.T.E.P ( A Special Touch Event Planning)

 This theme was done by Kelli Jackson from A Special Touch Event Planning. In this theme the baby’s name was used throughout the party as the theme. Awesome idea!

Last but not least is Precious Cargo theme done by Montrilla Jones from Lavender Pudding. 

Love the way she used the playful colors and cool tablescape to bring the table to life and play with the theme.

Either way you go if you think it through you are sure to come up with an awesome theme.

2. Choose a color palette.

Choosing a great theme is the first part but what colors you will use will make or break the shower so be sure that it is gender friendly (if you know the sex) or gender neutral if you don’t. You are my sunshine theme is great for gender reveals were no one truly knows the sex of the baby, while Brooklyn and Bling and Precious Cargo themes use a mix of colors to accent the gender related colors of pink and blue, while mixing in the theme.

3. Guest List

Who will you invite? Discuss it with the mommy to be to see what she desires. Some baby showers are more intimate with no co-workers, while some are co-ed and others can be for everyone. Be sure that on that special day she is comfortable with the guest list.

4. When is the special day?

Baby showers can be at anytime of the pregnancy but I would honestly wait till mommy is in her 3rd trimester. Shot for about the 30 to 35 week mark. Here’s why: In the first trimester mommy to be sometimes doesn’t even tell anyone until she is out of the “danger” zone. Once in her second trimester, the sex sometimes can’t be revealed because the baby won’t show it’s personals, plus mommy’s probably just getting over morning sickness, trying to get adjusted to the fact that she is truly pregnant and trying to find new clothes oh and didn’t I mention her appetite and sleep pattern is probably out of whack. By the third trimester, the count down begins and everyone starts to get super excited.

5. Location, Location, Location

Where do you plan on hosting this awesome party of love and admiration? At a hotel, at home, a family member’s house? Wherever you choose just be sure it’s the right size for the guest list, has the right atmosphere and provides enough space for fun and games. Last thing you want is a baby bump race for the men with no where to run.

6. Pick your food menu.

Let’s face it pregnant women eat and eat and eat, therefore chances are you can’t shower her with gifts without showering her with food. So get a list together and be sure to add a few of her favorites. Finger Foods like sandwiches, wings, fruit, vegetables are all hits, but there have been some that serve good old southern comfort food. Oh and don’t forget the dessert! Here a few ideas that I thought were good:

Bite size mac n cheese (ummmm, yes please)

mac n cheese finger ultimate weakness in finger food form!

Yummy Cheesecake Bits

Perfect finger food for the graduation party :)

Chicken Bacon Ranch Crescents



7. Choose some awesome games

Believe it or not baby shower games can be really fun if you switch it up and really give it some fun elements and modern approach other than the traditional games that we use to play. I don’t think I have ever been to one baby shower where the games weren’t fun. We all really got into it and enjoyed playing the games. Even the guys really enjoyed them (even though no one said anything lol). To have a fun time and get that competitive flare going try 3 or 4 games. Here are some games I thought would be fun:

What’s in your phone? Is a fun new modern spin to what’s in your purse.

 Whats in your phone? Baby Shower Game!


Mommy to be The Price is Right Is almost a old family favorite


good baby shower games  this sounds like fun! by june


Guess the baby food

I did this game last year for a friend's shower- it was a hit! The boys were the biggest babies! They were scared to try some of them! |Baby Shower Games by Karen Cheng, via Flickr

Tasting baby food has always been one of the funniest things to do ever.

Lol I suggest having your camera together at all times so that you can take pics of all those funny faces that will come about.

8. Whose making the diaper cake?

One of my favorite elements of a baby shower is to see the creations that people come up with for diaper cakes. I secretly love making them myself.  There is so many different ways they can be done but if you aren’t a creative person you can always find some who does.

Brooklyn and Bling Diaper Cake

9. Baby Shower Pin

Mommy and daddy need pins just like birthday kids where pins. Baby Shower Pins should match the theme of the baby shower. You can attach dollars to it if you want 🙂

Brooklyn and Bling Baby Shower Pin

10. Party Favors

The main reason everyone comes together is to celebrate the new bundle of joy that comings into the world. Gifts will be brought for the new bundle of joy but don’t let the guest leave empty handed. Along with their memories, laughter and smiles give them party favors that will be sure to brighten their days. You can two ways with party favors you can a) relate to the theme or b) get what you like and put them in a pretty bag that relates to the theme 🙂 Here are some cool ones:

Pink Nest Egg Soap

 World’s Greatest Cheese Grater

Two Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper Shakers


I hope that everyone found this guide helpful. To help get you started download my baby shower checklist.

Love and Glitter,



12 thoughts on “Essentials of An Awesome Baby Shower

  1. I love baby showers too! Very informative. I think perhaps the only thing I would add is have a budget and stick to it (or at least try! LOL). Bridal showers can quickly add up so I often see if anyone else would like to bring something/help in some way. Nice job girl!

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