Pretty Gift for an awesome teacher

Easy to do gift that anyone can do.

Easy to do gift that anyone can do.

As the end of year winds down one thing is always clear at my boys school…the teachers work hard. They communicate with me whenever I have questions and it’s great to be able to call them or write notes and I know I will get a response the next day. So since it was teacher’s appreciation week we had to think of something nice we could give her. Ikaika wanted to give her chocolate particularly Hershey kisses (because she LOVES chocolate). At first I was like no because who just wants to be handed a bag of chocolate kisses lol I know I wouldn’t so I decided to spice it up some and give her something to SMILE about. Now I will honest I didn’t have to go far to get any of my items because I had them already including the candy because I scored a deal right after Easter 🙂 I am sure you all want to know how I did this so let’s get right to it.

Items needed

What you will need:

1. Tulle: I used both white and pink however pink was so pale that there was no big difference in the colors so one color depending on what color scheme you are going for will work.

2. plastic cups: I got small plastic cups from the dollar store a while back that I glittered (I’ll do a post on glitterizing (I don’t think that’s a word lol)  items another day).

3. fake roses: I also got pink and white roses from the dollar store. I clipped them from the main part that holds them together so I could use them for other things.

4. Lollipops: I bought some lollipops for a party a did and I extras left so I decided to add them (she may not eat them but she has kids so I am sure they will enjoy)

5. Hershey kisses (I used about 15 to 20)

6. wooden skewer (not shown) and card stock paper so I could make a little tag

                                                                           7. pink napkin or tissue paper

                                                                           * You will also need scissors and a hot glue gum

Now Let’s make this Pretty

Hersheys in the napkin

Step 1: Open up your napkin or tissue paper and place your kisses in them. Make sure that the amount is just right because it has to be able to fit in your cup.

20140508_174524 tulle

 Step 2: cut two pieces of tulle maybe about an foot each and lay them on the table to make a cross. I used one pink and one white.


Step 3: place the kisses that you have wrapped with the tulle and pull together. You should than be able to place the pouch together inside the cup.

wrap the candy

Step 4: Once you know it’s a good fit take your pretty rose of flower depending on what you bought and wrap it around the pouch so that it looks like this:

The tulle and paper should be able to stand up on it’s own. If it doesn’t than it’s too much so take some out because too much will make it heavy and harder for lollipops to stay in place later.


Step 5: Take one of your lollipops and measure your skewer with it. Once you have the right length (I did mine just a few cms shorter) Snipe away at it.


Step 6: Take the cardstock paper and cut into a square to make sign for your arrangement. Than fold in half and write a little note on it to give a personal touch.

*For added flair allow your child to write his or her name on the back 🙂


Step 7: Use a hot glue gun to seal the stick to the bottom of the square (hot glue it just about 5 cm into the rectangle and be sure to seal the end so that it the sign is flat all around)


Step 8: Take the three lollipops and place them in the center of the arrangement. When you let it go it should be able to hold in place on it’s own (if not adjust the flower to make tighter and try again)

Step 9: Trim away at the tissue paper (napkin) and tulle so that the lollipops are visible


Step 9: Take another piece of tulle and tie around top of cup so that it is coming from the back of the flower forward


Step 10: Trim the tulle in the front and arrange it to your liking. Also tuck in the front part of the tissue paper or napkin so that you can see the lollipops and sign


And than you have a pretty, cost effective gift to give your child’s teacher

Easy to do gift that anyone can do.

Easy to do gift that anyone can do.

What I love about this:

1. It’s cost effective and with two in school things get pricey quick

2. It’s super cute

3. It has chocolate and glitter!!! Who won’t love chocolate and glitter RIGHT?

Do you all find it difficult to find cost effective things to give teachers?  How do you go about satisfying the need for your child to show his/her appreciation? What have you tried any cool things for teacher appreciation week?


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